Our values

At Metropolitans, we are value-driven and passionate about sharing a set of values with our partners and clients.

We strongly believe in:

- Quality rather than fast fashion: we are strong believers in owning fewer products but with better quality. That's why we selected the best leather quality (whole grain) for our products. 
- Respect of our planet: we are committed to using only rests of leather in the best possible conditions and lower the CO2 emissions of our shipments aborad
- Sustainability: We want to make the world we work in a better place. That's why we are committed to work with women partners (designers, producers, manufacturers) across the world, empower and train them, and provide them with visibility in our platform. We will share their portraits on a weekly basis
- Disorientation & change: our core mantra is "travel even when you are sitting in your living room". Our products are designed in order to enable our customers to travel with them. They all hold a unique story 
- Less is more: our leather hand-made accessories and bags are simple with few alterations to the leather.