Top Pick Must Visit in Italy

Our trip to Italy was an incredible experience that we will never forget. One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the beautiful Piazza del Capo in Sienna. Its stunning architecture, made up of beige colors, took our breath away and inspired us to name one of our women's wallets “The Small Sienna”.

Italy is a country full of culture, art, and delicious cuisine. The people are warm and welcoming, and the scenery is breathtaking. From the rolling hills of the countryside to the vibrant cities, Italy is a place of beauty and wonder.

Piazza del Capo is known as the main square of Sienna and is one of the most famous squares in all of Italy. It was built in the 13th century and is surrounded by some of Sienna’s most renowned landmarks, such as the Palazzo Pubblico, Torre del Mangia, and the Duomo. The piazza is full of activity at all times of the day, from street vendors to music performances. It is the perfect place to take in the sights and sounds of Sienna.

Piazza del Capo is an iconic landmark in Italy and is full of history. It has been the backdrop for many historical events and is a symbol of Sienna’s rich culture. The piazza has been a gathering place for locals and tourists alike for centuries and is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Italy.

We will never forget our trip to Italy and the beautiful Piazza del Capo in Sienna. Its breathtaking architecture and rich history have truly inspired us.