5 Must Have Leather Accessories For Your Wardrobe


Have you ever wondered why, after so many decades, leather is still trendy and fashionable? Or why most people seem to always choose leather accessories over other materials and fabrics?
Well, the answer is quite simple; leather is durable and timeless, which makes it the perfect material for accessories. In addition to this, leather accessories are also eco-friendly, flexible, and can give your outfit an edgy, vintage feel that will make you stand out in any crowd. 

These amazing features make leather accessories must haves for your wardrobe and five of these accessories include: 

  • Card Holders

Card holders are a key part of our day to day activities. They secure our cards (credit card, ID cards, etc.) and ensure they are easy to find. This makes it important that when purchasing a card holder, you buy a solid, durable one. Leather card holders like our Old Marble Card Holder is one that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. This card holder can serve you for months without spotting a single tear.

  • Wallets

Leather wallets are essential accessories that help you store important items like cash, cards, and other documents. When chosen with care, they can also serve as an interesting addition to your outfit, giving you an elegant and sophisticated appearance. To enjoy all of these benefits, check out our Dark Brown Wallets made with full grain leather. These wallets are both functional and durable.

  • Clutches

Leather clutches, though similar to wallets, are slightly bigger and often used to carry phones, wallets, card holders, and other vital documents. They are portable yet efficient, which makes them a wardrobe must-have. For a trendy, attractive leather clutch, the Pink Plain Leather Clutch is a fantastic option. However, if you prefer simpler designs, the Terracotta Croco Pattern Leather Clutch is one that will suit you perfectly.

  • Document Bags

Leather document bags are very efficient accessories for holding your documents. They help keep your documents organized and make it easier to retrieve them. More importantly, these bags protect your documents so they don’t get squeezed, wet, or torn. Our Croco Patterned Black and Brown bags are both efficient document bags that provide all of these benefits and more.

  • Passport Holders

While traveling and exploring new places is fun and exciting, losing your passport can easily ruin your trip. To avoid this, it is advisable that you get yourself a leather passport holder. With a leather passport holder, you can lessen the risk of losing your passport or cash. 

For functional and durable passport holders, you can check out our Full Grain Cover collection and choose from a variety of colors. These accessories will easily become your best pals during your trips.


At Metropolitans Paris, we provide you with a variety of leather accessories for your wardrobe. Every one of these accessories is durable and very practical. They are also stylish enough to enhance your wardrobe impressively.