Top 4 perfect back to work look for men

For men, it is sometimes difficult to find the right outfit for work. Men have to choose between dressing in a suit, and a more casual outfit a little less strict but always elegant and adapted for the professional world. Sometimes there are dress codes specific to a company, and you are not free to choose your outfit. The fields of banking and insurance are among the most rigid. However, no matter what sector you work in, our 4 men's look ideas for being chic and elegant on your way to work are likely to interest you.

  1. The formal look

The most obvious outfit to dress for work is the suit. Particularly adapted to the professions of finance and insurance, this very formal style is easy to compose. A tailor-made jacket and pants, a shirt, a tie and a pair of elegant shoes like derbies.

In order to be more elegant than your colleagues, you will have to choose clothes that will fit perfectly with your body. Choose a jacket that fits your shoulders, as well as tapered pants that emphasize the length of your legs. The same goes for the shirt, choose the slim-fitted one to keep your elegance even without the jacket.


  1. The casual chic look


This is the style of dress to adopt if you want to seduce. 67% of women declare indeed to be charmed by this look, according to a recent study. But what do we mean by casual chic?

The Casual: They refer to the casual wardrobe as a whole. Summer shorts, chinos, flannel joggings or sneakers: anything that goes beyond a formal register generally finds its place under the casual label. What defines this type of clothing is therefore not linked to its aesthetics, its manufacture, or even its quality, but almost exclusively to its destination, its use.

The chic:  is a little more difficult to define. What is chic for some may not be for others, although its proximity to the more consensual notion of elegance makes it relatively objective. For example: one can hardly make more chic than a suit. 

Which clothes to adopt?

Like all looks, casual chic brings together a set of clothes and accessories: pieces that instantly give style to your outfit, easy to adopt and that you can wear for any occasion.

  • The striped sweater. In T-shirt or sweatshirt version and even in a sweater, the striped sweater is the little touch of fantasy, the perfect way to adopt a casual chic style without playing too much with uniformity.
  • The vest. Warm and elegant, it gives a touch of class to a look. It is adored by all fans of casual chic.
  • The jeans. The perfect jeans fit well, not too tight but not too loose either. 
  • Chinos. Between the suit pants and the jeans, it is the comfortable pants, not too chic but not too casual either.


  1. The Business Chic Look


Business chic is perfectly adapted to a manager who supervises a team for example. Indeed, thanks to the blazer-style jacket in this men's look, with a nice textured tissue accompanied by a white slim-fitted shirt with a small motive on the chest. 

The blazer can be worn both open and closed, but be careful you never close all the buttons, otherwise it's more too strict, so you limit yourself to one closed button.

It's all about combinations, for a clever mix of refinement and elegance.

The basis of business chic for men is of course the white shirt. It will have to marry the body to highlight us, with a preference for slim cuts, more in the era of time. The stripes, if they are light, will add character to the whole. Then we will play on the contrasts between jacket and suit.  And the small note of color will be able to come from the tie!

Finally, the look to go to work can't be chic if it doesn't have accessories, starting with a nice watch, then a leather belt and ending with the bag. It's essential because real workers can't come to the office with their hands in their pockets.



  1. The Business Casual Look


The Business Casual style represents a more casual but still quite formal attire. It is by definition ideal for the office, although many companies require a particular and strict dress code. In some areas of business the dress code policy may be more flexible.

If the traditional jeans, t-shirt are not allowed, you should instead wear a chic blazer jacket with a chino, shirt or polo shirt as well as a pair of derbies or moccasins. 

Which clothes to adopt?

Like all looks, Business Casual brings together a range of clothing and accessories:

  • Casual blazer jackets: Business casual blazer jackets are more casual than classic black blazer jackets. The pants should not be the same color as the jacket. Always combine lighter jackets with darker pants.
  • The shirt: The advantage of the shirt is in the way you wear it. If at first glance it appears as a rather strict piece, it quickly becomes casual when you roll up the sleeves. 
  • Chinos for men: Business casual style doesn't allow jeans. You should wear cotton chino style pants. The most popular colors are black, navy blue, or gray. Finally, we always advise to wear pants with a dark color if your jacket is light and vice versa.
  • Business casual bags and shoes:  You should always wear nice leather derbies or oxford and a simple bag of similar color. Don't forget to match the socks as well.

In order to find the perfect model, there is no need to go to specialized stores. Just visit an online store, which carries a wide range of articles with world famous brands for both men and women.