5 reasons why a clutch bag is a must in your wardrobe - Inspired by Princess Diana

Our summer collection features 2 clutch bags: one which is flashy in plain leather and very girly in pink with a gold strap and gold inscription of our logo. The other clutch bag is nuder in a terracotta color with a croco pattern.
We decided to start with clutch bags before launching our bags. Here are 5 reasons why we love and featured clutch bags.

We chose 2 main colors for our clutch bags:
The red croco one is inspired by our trip to Andalucia, Spain with its beautiful terracotta alcazar and Alhambra spots.
The second in pink is inspired by our trip to Cinque Terre in Italy with its pink surroundings.

It's Princess Diana's favorite accessory: 

True story, Princess Diana had many clutches for Day and night time. She even used them to convey political messages. She called them "cleavage bags" as when she wore a revealing outfit, she used them to cover that. We all want to be amazing & stylish as Princess Diana!

Princess Diana Clutch bag classy

Their modern style

Unlike a tote bag, a handbag or else, a clutch bag was used mainly for the nightlife. However, they got revamped and became very standard for any occasion! Small, practical, and user-friendly, they won't be a bother in cafés, restaurants, and clubs. 

You will be free in your movement and carry fewer items in your bags

Our clutch bags are 17x25 cm so you will need to prioritize what to put in them. If you are like me, you like having everything around you in your bag. But in reality, using a clutch bag will help you declutter yourself and get that ultimately, less is more.

Your neck, shoulders and back will say thank you

If you are like me working 9hours/day in a chair, you probably have terrible back/shoulder/neck pain. The thing is clutch bags are to be carried either in your hand so they are very back-friendly. Also, they have a little leather strap if you would like to carry them in a casual way.

They are stylish and go with every outfit

Should it be a date-night, a party, a special occasion, or a casual brunch, the clutch bag will suit every occasion. Lightweight and practical, It can hold your phone, eyeglasses, credit cards, notepads all in once!