Where it all started

We are a couple of young executives who always enjoyed traveling and having new experiences.
Born and raised in Tunisia, we were always attached to our cultural heritage that was filled with ethnic, unique and beautiful inspirations.
Living in Paris for ten years, we were astonished by the beauty and esthetic of architecture, artwork and fashion.
We traveled for more than 20 countries and were convinced that we needed solid, simple and authentic products to follow us around the world.
During COVID, we were blocked at home for more than two months, limiting our capacity to travel and leave new experiences. The only way for us to travel from home was to go back to old photos, artworks and accessories we bought from our old journeys.
We decided to launch a brand that empowers you to travel around the world - a brand with simple, lasting, and authentic accessories for traveling. but also a brand that could make us travel without moving from our chair.
Our products are for travelers and people who want to experience a unique experience.
Leather was the ultimate choice: lasting, authentic, and aesthetic.
Our last concern was sustainability: we decided to work with women underprivileged designers, producers and leather manufacturers. We are proud to partner with a 100% woman teamWe will share their stories in the Blog.
We hope you will enjoy the experience.